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Head of Product Marketing and Growth

Head of Product Marketing and Growth - London

£90 to £100k + bonus + shares + flexi working

My client, a global software development company is looking for a Head of Product Marketing and Growth, who can build an effective growth strategy that connects product and marketing.

They are the World-First Human-Assisted AI Engineering Team that builds & operates technology projects; from a new app to managing cloud spend.

The Journey for the business was developed on the premise that anyone, irrespective of technical knowledge, should be able to build and operate technology.

The company is human-assisted AI that empowers everyone to independently build and operate tech products through two products that work together to be their virtual engineering team.

They are on a mission to turn ideas into developed products for everyone.

Why We Need This Role

We need to hire a leader who can build an effective growth strategy that connects product and marketing.

The underlying goal is to use the power of our customers and organic channels to bring more customers and thereby reduce customer acquisition costs.

We need an efficient user journey.

Why You Should Join

Our growth team is fresh, greenfield and has a mandate to touch all parts of marketing and product.

This is a great opportunity for a creative thinker who loves to tinkers with funnels, analytics and someone who wants to create a team and create a long lasting impact on a fresh business unit.


Passionate about loosely held values and ideas.

We want someone who has experience but is not blinded by the path already taken.

Strong strategy and analytics skills with an advanced understanding of success metrics and funnel analytics

Experience leading marketing and customer acquisition for a digital customer product

Background and interest in performance marketing, user experience, and SQL

Demonstrated growing audience base through a mastery of viral mechanics


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