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Systems Engineer - Hardware/Software

We are seeking a Systems Engineer to be responsible for developing complex and sophisticated engineering solutions using products to meet customer needs.

The role is responsible for executing all technical aspects of engineering projects including assessing customer requirements, developing customer hardware and software solutions, supporting customers, and writing technical documentation.

The role requires an expert understanding of the functionality and use of the company's products and how to adapt them for new applications.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Use system analysis tools (UML, Data Flow, FMEA, etc.) to analyse customer needs, system requirements, capability, and cost to determine project feasibility.

    Produce and present work package documents and quotation proposals.

  • Lead the identification of technical enablers and deliver the proof of concept prototypes as required by our customers.

  • Lead the integration of complex systems containing electronic, mechanical and software sub-systems.

  • Lead the development of the system validation plans and ensure our solutions meet the design specifications and requirements.

  • Ensure technical solutions are developed based on a clear understanding of both the product and its relationship with the user.

Skills and Experience

  • An Expert in designing systems and competent using system analysis tools

  • Able to lead the integration of complex systems and development of system validation plans.

  • A good knowledge of product design from feasibility to production, including digital and analogue circuits, microprocessor circuits, PCB design and real time embedded software.

  • A good knowledge of C and C++ programming languages, WPF and XAML.

    Able to lead the development of Software applications and GUI covering the full software life cycle.

  • A good knowledge of mechanical design for products, including frames and housings, and for product testing equipment.

  • An expert knowledge of design for manufacture and product approval processes.

  • Experience in managing more than 3 concurrent projects; plan, track and manage development tasks.

    Work to deadlines and adapt plans as necessary to meet project objectives.

    Work collaboratively with customer and internal departments to successfully achieve outcomes and results.

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