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Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - London, City

Salary - Competitive Salary + Excellent Benefits

The Client

Our client is a leading EMEA company that develops cutting-edge artificial intelligence products and solutions for major global and local clients in Europe, the US, the Middle-East and Africa.

They focus on developing enterprise software systems that solve existing problems across a range of industries using advanced machine learning, deep learning and deep reinforcement learning.

Their expertise spans across AI research and engineering, high-performance computing and visualisation, allowing the whole end-to-end solution to be developed in-house across our teams in London, Paris, Lagos, Tunis, Dubai and Cape Town.

Their proactive approach to research, combined with a broad spectrum of clients, ensures a challenging and motivating environment to work and thrive in.

In their mission to stay ahead of the curve, they are proud to partner with organisations such as Google DeepMind, Nvidia and Intel, and world-class universities including Oxford University.


Accelerate delivery of AI-first products and solutions to businesses and end users through robust and timely software engineering.

Support company's product, machine learning and research teams.


Execute and drive the vision of an AI-first company, where software engineers and product team are fluent in the whole spectrum of mathematical problem solutions from operational research to kernel methods to self-play RL to adversarial networks.

Live and breathe best software development and deployment practices: end to end DevOps and gitflow for life.

Write high quality, reliable, scalable code integrating it neatly with - often Python based - machine learning frameworks.

Become your best self in a team that welcomes diversity of thinking and personal experiences, and champions psychological safety.

Won't do easy, and be inspired and p

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