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Chief of Staff, Remote

Chief of Staff, Remote - Remote/London

£100K - £110K + bonus + stock options

My client, a digital start-up AI Software Builder in London, is looking for a Chief of Staff to help CEOs prioritize work, foster key external and internal relationships, and with the right tools, improve processes and decision-making.

Ideal candidate will be someone who has work with the Government before, but not essential.

The start-up specialises in building, maintaining and running bespoke software for their customers, making it faster, more accessible and less expensive for everyone to bring their ideas to life.

Last year they secured $29.5m of funding to scale our growth in Europe.

They already have three offices in LA, Delhi, and London and recently hit 250 employees globally.

A key focus for them this year is to significantly grow their London operation.

Description of the role

There aren't enough hours in the day for a CEO to review every item that crosses their desk, let alone address each ask.

But that doesn't stop items from rolling in.

Stakeholders want meetings, department heads need decisions made, and for a startup, there are important hiring needs to consider.

When startup CEOs feel pulled in a dozen different directions, the risk of burnout becomes very real, the Chief of Staff can help him avoid that.

A Chief of Staff safeguards their CEO's time.

They field meeting requests and communications from department heads, C-level execs, and external stakeholders and determine what makes it to the CEO's calendar.

The goal is to sort through the noise and prioritize requests so that the CEO has the time they need to focus on projects that are important to the company's goals.

Why we need this role? What will happen if you dont get them? What will you be able to not do? (Internal use only)

While CEO focus on top-of-mind issues, a Chief of Staff can accomplish other items on the my to-do list.

They prepare important presentations, gather and ana

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