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Research Engineer Intern - Applied

Research Engineer Intern (Applied) - Cape TownSalary: ZAR £450 - £500K + Excellent Benefits

The client:

Our client is an EMEA leader in decision-making AI products for the Enterprise, with headquarters in London, and offices in Paris, Tunis, Lagos, Dubai and Cape Town.

With expertise in both machine intelligence research and practical business deployments, the Company provides a competitive advantage to its partners in an AI-first world.

Leveraging its extensive know-how in GPU-accelerated computing, deep learning and reinforcement learning, the company has built products and solutions that tackle the most complex challenges across a range of industries.

The firm's hands-on approach to research, combined with a broad spectrum of clients, ensures an exciting and rewarding environment to work and thrive in.

The company has also developed collaborations with global leaders in the Artificial intelligence ecosystem, such as Google DeepMind, Nvidia and Intel.

The Role:

Our clients Engineering Team, interns work with Research Engineers (REs) where they focus on understanding business problems, identifying and harnessing the right AI or cognitive computing technologies to solve them and take part in the commercial deployment of their solution.

Research is embedded in all main activities/products of the company and spans a large variety of projects.

In this role, there is a particular focus on Natural Language Processing for AI protein design and/or Reinforcement Learning.

The role can include designing and implementing prototypes, creating novel architectures and/or algorithms, applying state-of-the-art techniques on real-life applications, building simple and sustainable software solutions, deploying and training algorithms at scale.


? Participate in cutting edge research in fields such as machine learning, deep learning and/or reinforcement learning.
? Collaborate with REs to develop highly scalable algorithms base

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